Clairent Advisors specializes in providing independent asset and business valuations – combining proven techniques, analytical tools, and our extensive experience to produce thorough and well-documented deliverables.

We have the credentials of a Big Four valuation firm – with experience on thousands of valuation engagements – coupled with the responsiveness and focus from senior level team members on all aspects of a client’s project.

Why Clairent?

Clairent is derived from “clairvoyance” – specifically related to having insight and being forward thinking. At Clairent, our philosophy is to stay a step ahead on all facets of a client’s project. This is reflected in:


The level of detail provided in our deliverables – which are designed to anticipate audit, regulatory, and other reviews.

Analytical Approach

Our analytical approach – which involves consideration of as many methodologies as possible for a subject and innovative thinking beyond the usual approaches.


Our responsiveness – which involves the flexibility to ensure that all deadlines are met. Our process includes constant client and auditor communication to avoid surprises.