Our Services

Clairent’s team has extensive experience providing valuations and financial advisory services for a variety of needs, including, but not limited to:

Financial Reporting

  • Purchase price allocations related to business combinations (ASC 805, IFRS 3)
  • Impairment testing related to goodwill and long-lived assets (ASC 350, ASC 360, IAS 36)
  • Equity awards and share-based compensation (ASC 718)
  • Fair value measurement and disclosure (ASC 820)
  • Fresh start accounting (AICPA SOP 90-7)
  • Derivatives and Hedging (ASC 815)

Tax Planning and Reporting

  • IRC Section 409A
  • Domestic and international tax restructuring – including legal entities and asset transfers
  • Ownership / control changes and net operating loss utilization
  • Conversions of C-corporations to S-corporations
  • Estate and gift tax reporting – including transfers of interests and charitable contributions
  • Non-competition agreements (IRC Section 280G)

Disputes / Litigation Support

  • Shareholder and contract disputes
  • Marital dissolution
  • Minority shareholder dissenting actions
  • Damage calculations
  • Patent infringement

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Management buyouts
  • Joint venture planning
  • Shareholder buyouts and buy-sell agreements
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence support and modeling

Strategic Consulting

  • Scenario analysis and modeling to assist with evaluating strategic alternatives / options
  • Development of financial projections

Corporate Reorganization and Bankruptcy

  • Determination of post-bankruptcy company reorganization values
  • Fresh start accounting valuations

Other Compliance

  • Collateral valuation for loan evaluations and documentation
  • Insurance reporting and documentation
  • Immigration E-2 Visa requirements (U.S. Department of Affairs Manual, 9 RAM 41.5 N8.2-3)