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One of Clairent's managing directors prepared an expert report associated with the valuation of a family-owned agricultural business. The report and analysis were utilized by the client and counsel to assess relevant valuation issues and for strategy development (including settlement discussions).
Privately held consumer products company

We assisted with a dispute involving the planned buyout of one shareholder by the other shareholder. Clairent was one of three valuation firms selected to develop a range of values for the subject interest in the company to assist the shareholders and their respective counsels with negotiating the buyout.

Joint clients for a case in litigation (a publicly traded Fortune 100 company and a shareholder in one of the company’s investments)

Valuation of a partial investment in a telecommunications company; one of our managing directors served as the third party appraiser selected by the judge in the case.

Minority shareholder with an interest in a privately-held construction company

We consulted with the Plaintiff involved in a California Corporations Code Section 2000 (“CCC 2000”) lawsuit on various valuation issues, including: (i) assisting the client with preparation of materials for the CCC 2000 appraisal panel; (ii) developing independent valuation calculations and scenarios associated with the Plaintiff’s subject interest as well as direct and derivative claims; and (iii) consulting with the client and his counsel regarding valuation issues and strategy.

Law firm

For a dispute involving an interest in a privately-held brewery, we assisted with: (i) reviewing valuations prepared by two appraisers initially appointed for the buyout process; (ii) developing independent valuation calculations associated with the subject interest; (iii) consulting with counsel and his client regarding valuation issues and strategy; and (iv) participating in arbitration discussions.

Minority shareholders with interests in a privately held janitorial company

As part of a dispute associated with the company’s planned repurchase of the clients’ shares, we assisted with valuing their subject interests. Based on our analysis, the clients were able to successfully negotiate a repurchase based on a value which was almost two times greater than the company’s initial purchase offer.

Law firm

We assisted with calculating lost income associated with a marketing-related business as part of consulting for a dispute.

Provider of supply chain solutions for Fortune 100 companies

We prepared several valuation scenarios to assist the client with planning and negotiations related to a lawsuit involving a minority interest in a closely held business.

Law firm

Valuation consulting related to a lawsuit involving a minority interest in a business which designs and sells specialty clothing and outdoor gear. Our analyses were utilized as part of settlement negotiations related to the case.

Client in the midst of divorce proceedings

Consulting related to valuation issues associated with a closely held information technology business. Our analyses and input were utilized as part of settlement planning and negotiations related to the case.
Law firm

We provided consulting associated with valuation issues related to a dispute between a health services company and a former executive – including the existence and value associated with goodwill and guideline company market multiples.