Healthcare and Pharma

National operator of membership-based primary care practices

We assisted with the valuation of intangible assets related to the acquisition of a company which developed a health-related, mobile app. Assets valued included developed technology, customer relationships, non-competition agreements, and a trade name.

Reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers

Private equity-owned pharmaceuticals company

We assisted with the following projects:

  • Purchase price allocation work for three acquisitions for reporting related to IFRS 3. Purchase prices ranged from $90 million to over $2 billion, and our analyses involved the valuation of intangible assets, inventory, and contingent consideration.
  • Impairment testing related to over 20 previously acquired products.
  • Goodwill impairment testing related to three cash generating units (one based in the U.S. and two based in Europe) for reporting related to IAS 36.

Reviewed by Deloitte & Touche

Developer of cancer treatment systems

We assisted with the following projects:
  • Valuation of certain assets (including technology, customer relationships, and a trade name) as part of fresh start accounting related to a post-bankruptcy reorganization of the company.
  • Valuation of the company’s common stock for reporting associated with Section 409A / ASC 718.

Reviewed by Singer Lewak

Local surgical practice

As part of a planned merger with another medical practice, we developed a detailed business valuation which was utilized for both tax and Stark Law-related compliance and documentation.

Acute care hospital

We assisted with the following projects:
  • Analysis of goodwill for one reporting unit utilizing a qualitative assessment framework.
  • Valuation of intangible assets related to the acquisition of an imaging center.

Reviewed by Moss Adams

Owner of a healthcare services-related trade name

We assisted with valuing the subject trade name to assist the client with negotiations with a potential buyer.

Publicly traded life sciences company

We assisted with long-lived asset impairment testing (with fixed assets as the primary asset) for compliance with ASC 360.

Reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers

Pharmaceuticals division of a publicly traded company in Asia

  • Assisted client with assessing the value potential of over 20 pipeline drugs specifically in the Japanese market. Collaborated with department heads at the University of California in San Francisco to incorporate specific technical feedback for each drug associated with efficacy, side effects, ease of use, prospects for approval considering drug development stage in Japan, drug costs, market size, and existing / pipeline competitive drugs.
  • Deliverable was a comprehensive binder which included a detailed summary for each drug of technical / market observations and value calculations which was ultimately used by management to make strategic decisions related to prioritizing company resources and its budget.

Developer of oral care, ear care, and feminine hygiene products

Valued an early stage medical product for tax reporting purposes for corporate restructuring.