Small Businesses

Risk analytics firm

We provided consulting to the company’s owner and a potential investor to assist with negotiations related to the sale of an equity interest in the business.

Business which owned several beauty salons

We assisted with a valuation of the company and a minority interest as part of negotiations related to the buy-out of a shareholder.

Privately held, family winery based in Sonoma County

We completed a valuation analysis to assist with a management buyout of the company.

Developer of customer service software solutions for public agencies

Valuation of the company’s common stock for reporting associated with Section 409A.

Private company specializing in management training and performance enhancement

We assisted the client with valuation analyses for negotiations with a potential acquirer (an international publicly traded company). Clairent was asked to assist target management after it received a low, initial offer from the acquirer. Within 24 hours of presenting Clairent’s valuation models and value proposition to the acquirer (which included an emphasis on the value of certain IP developed by the client), the initial offer for the client’s business was tripled.

Minority shareholder with an interest in a privately-held construction company

We consulted with the Plaintiff involved in a California Corporations Code Section 2000 (“CCC 2000”) lawsuit on various valuation issues, including: (i) assisting the client with preparation of materials for the CCC 2000 appraisal panel; (ii) developing independent valuation calculations and scenarios associated with the Plaintiff’s subject interest as well as direct and derivative claims; and (iii) consulting with the client and his counsel regarding valuation issues and strategy.

Law firm

For a dispute involving an interest in a privately-held brewery, we assisted with: (i) reviewing valuations prepared by two appraisers initially appointed for the buyout process; (ii) developing independent valuation calculations associated with the subject interest; (iii) consulting with counsel and his client regarding valuation issues and strategy; and (iv) participating in arbitration discussions.

Minority shareholders with interests in a privately held janitorial company

As part of a dispute associated with the company’s planned repurchase of the clients’ shares, we assisted with valuing their subject interests. Based on our analysis, the clients were able to successfully negotiate a repurchase based on a value which was almost two times greater than the company’s initial purchase offer.

Award-winning cocktail and hospitality firm

We provided consulting to assist management with negotiations associated with the planned buyout of a partner’s ownership in a popular neighborhood bar and restaurant. Our analysis included valuations related to multiple elements of the subject business pursuant to provisions in a buy-sell agreement, including the operation’s overall business enterprise and certain intangible assets.

Provider of supply chain solutions for Fortune 100 companies

We prepared several valuation scenarios to assist the client with planning and negotiations related to a lawsuit involving a minority interest in a closely held business.

Accounting firm

As part of the sale of a small CPA firm, we assisted the client with valuing the personal and enterprise goodwill associated with the business.