Tax Reporting

Publicly traded provider of technology-based solutions for government and commercial customers – including communication products and systems, intelligence solutions, and managed services

We assisted with the following projects:
  • Purchase price allocation for a multi-billion-dollar acquisition for reporting associated with ASC 805. Our analysis included the valuation of intangible assets, fixed assets, real estate, inventory, and deferred revenue for over twenty separate acquired subsidiaries.
  • Impairment testing associated with goodwill and long-lived assets for a major reporting unit as part of reporting for ASC 350 and ASC 360. This project involved the analysis of intangible and fixed assets as part of Step Two goodwill impairment procedures – and included the valuation of developed technology, customer relationships, and a trade name.
  • Valuation of over 30 interests in a variety of domestic and international subsidiaries – including operating entities, companies which own intellectual property, and sales-focused entities – for tax planning and reporting associated with corporate restructuring.
  • As part of the divestiture of certain operations, valuation of various businesses to assist with the allocation of goodwill at various dates.

Financial reporting projects reviewed by Ernst & Young

Software-as-a-service company which had a recent IPO

We assisted with the following projects:
  • Valuation of common stock in conjunction with ASC 718 / Section 409A reporting (at various valuation dates prior to the planned IPO).
  • Valuation of warrants with anti-dilution triggers and debt with change-in-control provisions.

Reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers

Family wealth management firm with multiple offices throughout the U.S.

We assisted with valuing certain intellectual property and other assets for tax planning and reporting as part of the spin-off of a specialty consulting operation.

Publicly traded data analytics and software-as-a-service company

We assisted with the following projects:
  • Analysis of complex equity awards requiring sophisticated valuation techniques, including Total Shareholder Return equity awards using Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Analysis of values associated with over ten reporting units as part of goodwill impairment testing.
  • Valuation of an earn-out associated with a pending division divestiture for tax reporting purposes.

Reviewed by KPMG

Privately held portfolio of wineries generating over $100 million in revenue

We assisted with the following projects:
  • Valuation modeling to assist management with evaluating the impact of a potential acquisition.
  • Valuation of the company’s common stock for reporting associated with Section 409A / ASC 718.
  • Goodwill impairment testing calculations.

Goodwill impairment calculations reviewed by Moss Adams

Developer of customer service software solutions for public agencies

Valuation of the company’s common stock for reporting associated with Section 409A.

Developer of cancer treatment systems

We assisted with the following projects:
  • Valuation of certain assets (including technology, customer relationships, and a trade name) as part of fresh start accounting related to a post-bankruptcy reorganization of the company.
  • Valuation of the company’s common stock for reporting associated with Section 409A / ASC 718.

Reviewed by Singer Lewak

Local surgical practice

As part of a planned merger with another medical practice, we developed a detailed business valuation which was utilized for both tax and Stark Law-related compliance and documentation.

Developer of a solar products company in the process of being acquired

We performed a retrospective valuation of the company's common stock to address Section 409A issues.

Reviewed by Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP

Provider of transportation services

We assisted with a valuation of the company's common stock for Section 409A / ASC 718 reporting.

Telecommunications provider with more than 15 million customers in the U.S.

We valued certain intangible assets (including wireless licenses and a subscriber base) as part of state property tax reporting. Our analysis resulted in savings of approximately $14 million in property taxes.

Publicly traded developer and manufacturer of wireless networking products and solutions

As part of tax reporting related to a $500 million acquisition, we assisted with the following:

  • Valuation of intangible assets by major operating segment as part of the transfer of certain assets to Singapore. Specific assets valued included developed technology, in-process research and development, contracts / customer relationships, and trade names.
  • Analysis and valuation of non-competition agreements related to two senior executives for Section 280G reporting purposes.

International semiconductor manufacturing and distribution company with over $1 billion in revenue

We valued two subsidiaries for corporate tax planning and reporting related to an ownership change and net operating loss utilization.

Publicly traded developer and marketer of technology-based learning products

We valued two subsidiaries in Asia for international tax planning and reporting purposes.

Publicly traded worldwide developer, marketer, publisher, and distributor of interactive games

We assisted with the following projects:

  • As part of the acquisition of a developer of online games, we estimated a range of values related to certain aspects of the target’s business as part of tax reporting associated with regulations in Korea.
  • Analysis of marketability adjustments related to a restricted stock investment in an international company for tax reporting purposes.

Provider of managed care dental plans (generating over $100 million in annual revenue)

We performed business valuation analyses related to:

  • A contemplated conversion from C-Corporation to S-Corporation.
  • A non-marketable, minority interest for a planned transfer.

Publicly traded communications equipment company

We assisted with the following projects:
  • Purchase price allocation work for three acquisitions for reporting related to ASC 805. For two acquisitions, we also developed intangible and fixed asset values for each of the target's major international entities for tax reporting purposes.
  • Consulting related to the values associated with certain intellectual property contributed to a joint venture.
  • A valuation analysis for tax reporting purposes in conjunction with the transfer of assets among certain legal entities.

Financial reporting projects reviewed by Ernst & Young

Developer of oral care, ear care, and feminine hygiene products

Valued an early stage medical product for tax reporting purposes for corporate restructuring.

Publicly traded developer of integrated circuits for digital entertainment products

We valued non-competition agreements related to senior executives for section 280G tax reporting purposes.

Accounting firm

As part of the sale of a small CPA firm, we assisted the client with valuing the personal and enterprise goodwill associated with the business.

Private equity firm which owned a winery in the Napa Valley

We valued a variety of assets related to the subject winery for tax planning and reporting purposes, including the winery’s appellation as well as various property and equipment assets.